Homework of History


Homework of History

The History teacher gives Nobita a homework, explore the history of 1000 yeas ago.So Nobita and Doraemon go back to 1000 years ago through time machine.But there are something wrong about the time machine. Nobita and Doraemon are thrown into a tower.And now they want to get out of this tower.This tower contains N floors, they are both in the first floor at first.Each day, the person who stays in the lower floor will be chosed (if both of them are in the same floor, chose Nobita).And the person be chosed will fight with a monster, if this person wins, he will go to the upper one floor.and if this person losts, he will go to the lower one floor (if he is in the first floor before, he will stay at the first floor).And another person will stay in where he is.If one of them get to the Nth floor, this one person will get out of the tower.So now they want to know the exception value of days that both of them will get out of the tower.

The first line contains an integer T, indicate the number of test case.
For each test case,
The first line contains an integer N and a number P, indicate the number of
floor, and the probability of win if fight with the monster.
(2<=N<=40, 0.4<=P<=1).
For each test case outputs one line,
contains a number (round to 2 digits after decimal point).
Sample Input
20 0.5
30 0.6
Sample Output

思路:两个人之间是相互独立的,考虑一个人从第i层到第i+1层所需的天数,不妨设\(dp[i]=从第i层到第i+1层所需的天数\),则$$ dp[i+1]=1+(1-p)(dp[i]+dp[i+1]) $$

移项后得到$$ dp[i+1]=\frac{1+(1-p)dp[i]}{p}$$



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